Friday, October 16, 2009

Traffic safety and Hawksnest

This summer, I watched as revelers at Hawksnest dragged a drunken comrade to their car. They tossed a beer can out the window as they drove away. Probably they were headed for the 39-137 intersection.

"The intersection of Route 39 and Route 137 in East Harwich is a high accident location showing 24 crashes in the years 1998 through 2000. The town took steps in 2000 to improve safety at this intersection including intersection widening, turning lanes,and signal improvements which are now complete." Reference

The State Conservation Rangers clearly have jurisdiction, but there are only two for the whole Cape. State Police...?? Nickerson State Park is understaffed, at some distance, and their unarmed rangers don't have arrest powers.  That leaves Harwich Police. They'd have plenty of moral authority at Hawksnest. For my dollar, Harwich police are responsible for policing parties at Hawksnest.

If Harwich is concerned about safety at the intersection, why aren't they policing Hawksnest, where alcohol consumption is illegal, and the park closes at 8:00 pm in the summer?  At present, the Round Cove Rd parking area is a lawless zone.

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