Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rules, Regulations & Kiosks

Visitors are urged to promptly report violations to 1-866-PK-WATCH. Program the number into your cell phone. Follow up by taking a photo of the car or abuser, and license plate.

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A summary of rules follows, or... Read the complete rules here.

  1. Pack it in... pack it out (which means zero litter and no dumping)
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all MA State Parks
  3. Parking only in designated areas
  4. No vehicles off the road or parking areas
  5. Keep pets leashed (10 foot leash maximum) at all times. Note that there may be areas posted off-limits to pets. Help us maintain a clean, healthy environment. Always clean up after your pet. Properly dispose of pet waste.
  6. No fires--anywhere (especially not on the beach)
  7. No cutting of trees, branches, downed wood, or any vegetation. And please leave pine needles in place on the ground (prevents erosion)
  8. No glass containers on the beach
  9. No soap within 100 feet of pond
  10. Respect closed areas/areas under restoration
  11. Horses not allowed on beach (danger to Plymouth gentian), and are allowed only on designated trails.
  12. No camping at Hawksnest
  13. Hikers must keep to designated trails
  14. State Parks, Hawksnest included, close at 8 pm, 5/1-8/31; on other dates, 1/2 hour after sunset.

The Need for Kiosks

MA State Parks already have rules. Rules require kiosks, parking signs, and designated trails. Most people in FHSP want as little development as possible, but there is no avoiding the kiosk. Of course, we expect these will be done as tastefully and inobtrusively as possible.

The 64-thousand dollar question is: "Will the kiosks and signs be destroyed by vandals?" Hawksnest has been a "anything goes" zone for so long that the kiosks may indeed "disappear." The answer to this concern is--at the outset, let's just make them inexpensively. If they last, then more permanent ones can be installed. We have to expect a slow transition to law and order in Dodge City.

Volunteer is needed to construct simple kiosks

  • All that's needed is something to hold a four sheets of paper, protected from the rain.
  • One kiosk for each of the two parking lots
  • Mount them in front of beach access point, on a tree (without damaging tree)
  • Check them regularly, and replace sheets or kiosk if missing
  • Sheets: map of designated trails, list of rules, Map of parking area limits, Park Watch brochure

Leash rule for dogs

Hawksnest Pond has been a wonderful place for dogs. I love dogs! I wish they could run loose. But many people are uncomfortable when approached by strange dogs, and these people have the right to be left alone. Besides, it's the law.

In addition, dogs that run free often leave a "pile" that the owner doesn't notice.

Animal and human waste near the water is a serious threat to our health and to the health of the pond. The nitrogen and phosphorus (called "nutrients") in waste stimulates the growth of algae. Each pound of waste stimulates the growth of roughly 20 pounds of weeds.) The great majority of lakes and streams in the USA have been severely damaged by the runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus from septic systems, farms, pavement, and lawns. Don't let that happen here!

Equestrians: Horse manure is also harmful to the pond. Pick it up!

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