Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Conversation with the Supervisor of Hawksnest

Yesterday, I talked to Jon Peterson by phone. He’s Supervisor of Nickerson State Park, with jurisdiction over Hawksnest.

He was very cordial, and explained that he wanted to take care of the erosion problems, but didn’t know when it would happen. Perhaps they would write a grant proposal to the Civilian Conservation Corps, to have some restoration work done at Hawksnest.

When I asked what had happened about the letter to have Round Cove Rd chained off, he explained that it was difficult. There are a lot of people who go in there—destructive people. He was sure that a gate or kiosk would be destroyed.

Jon explained the dire consequences of a state gone bust. Many Massachusetts park employees have been laid off, and budgets slashed. When I camped at Nickerson State Park last summer, it seemed very well-run, but I never saw staff in evidence, except at the entry house. I don’t doubt that he has few resources to spare for Hawksnest. That’s all the more reason for neighbors to take the initiative. All we ask is that Mr. Peterson will empower “Friends of Hawksnest” to take some minimal actions, and keep us informed of their plans.

I’ve heard that staff from Nickerson do occasionally visit Hawksnest and attend to problems. Years ago, after the state allowed two lovely cottages to rot, the remains were carted away. Several years ago, after a load of construction trash was dumped in the Park, Nickerson staff spent several hours cleaning up the mess. Another time, the road was graded, and some fallen trees cut and removed. However, I heard that removing fallen trees at the Round Cove parking lot then enabled vehicles to drive almost to the beach, making the erosion much worse. Several signs have been erected: “No dumping” and “No vehicles on the horse trail,” and blue tags have gone up, marking the park boundaries.

What would you like to see done at Hawksnest? Take the poll (right sidebar), or send me an e-mail, and I’ll pass it on.

The Chain of Command
The Governor
Rick Sullivan, Commisioner of DCR
Brian Shanahan, SE Regional Director, Office:508-866-2580 x104; mobile:508-728-9713
Don Matinzi, SE District Manager
Jon Peterson, Supervisor of Nickerson and Hawksnest State Parks. 508 896-3491

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