Hawksnest is prime wildlife habitat.  It's linked to many other natural areas by wooded corridors along the central Cape.

The animals at Hawksnest are very shy--seldom seen.  This may in part be a response to the large number of dogs visiting the park.

Coyotes are seen at night on the borders of the park. Coyotes are known to range over considerable distances, and could easily go back and forth between Hawksnest and Nickerson state parks.

A number of box turtles have been sighted very close to Hawksnest.

Painted turtles live in  Hawksnest Pond, and dig nests in grassy areas (like lawns) nearby.  They aren't as common as they were in the 1950s.  Large snapping turtles are also found in the pond.

A black bear may have been sighted along the edge of Hawksnest Pond in the evening on June 29, 2012.  (A different black bear was captured on the Cape a month earlier, and released in central Massachusetts.)

Black racer snakes (up to 4' in length) can be found along the shores of the pond, where they hunt for frogs and other small animals.

Otter occur on the Cape, but have not yet been reported at Hawksnest.  It's likely that they pass through.  If you look carefully along the heavily vegetated borders of the pond, you can find little burrows.  These may be burrows of muskrats, or otter, or other aquatic mammals like mink.

Opossums and raccoons probably scavenge along the shores of the ponds, but they are rarely seen.

The star nosed mole probably occurs in small burrows along the shore.  It can swim.  Black Pond would be ideal habitat.

An osprey frequents the NE bluff overlooking Hawksnest Pond.  However, they prefer to nest closer to the seacoast.

It's common to see a great blue heron at the west end of Black Pond.  Sometimes it wades in the shallows of Hawksnest Pond.

Ducks are common in the ponds during spring and fall migration.

Some other common birds: Crow, Eastern Kingbird, Rufus-sided Towhee, Ruby-throated Humingbird, Scarlet Tanager, Wood Thrush, gulls and terns (overhead).

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