Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coyote sighted at Hawksnest

Alert but not afraid.

On July 12 at about sundown, I saw a coyote along the east border of Hawksnest, near Seth Whitfield Rd.  See lower right of photo.

Although I've spent a great deal of time in Hawksnest, I've never seen a coyote or a deer in the park before, although both are common.

Why is it so difficult to see wildlife at Hawksnest?   Possibly it's because dogs are allowed to run free.  Wherever dogs are common, wildlife makes itself scarce.  That's once reason why it's the law to keep your dogs on leash in a state park. 

Another reason to keep dogs on leash:  Coyotes sometimes attack dogs--even large ones--if they feel their den is threatened.  Rabid coyotes are also a threat to your pet.

The best way for residents near Hawksnest to avoid problems:  Make sure there's no food available.  Keep lids on your garbage cans, and keep pet food out of reach indoors.  Keep your cat indoors.
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