Monday, October 19, 2009

Status Report--Hawksnest Oct. 2009

On Oct. 13, I visited Hawknest with staff from Mass. DCR.  In brief, here's what we found:
  • Litter was the worst I have ever seen it, including two mufflers from cars.
  • Erosion in the Round Cove Rd. parking area is worse compared to July. Especially, erosion along the trail down to the beach (caused by vehicles) is worse.
  • A new residential development is underway on the park border at the south end of Seth Whitfield Rd.  The road has been substantially widened.
  • The level of Hawksnest Pond has dropped substantially, and the beach is beginning to emerge.  Horse footprints are visible on the beach in the area where Plymouth gentian has grown.   If the drop continues a bit more, then ATVs and horses will be able to ride around the pond.
The officials present were dismayed by what they saw, and promised improvement.  More on my next post.

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