Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why floating parties aren’t good for Hawksnest

Floating parties—when people bring water toys, join them together, and drift out into the pond—are popular at Hawksnest State Park.

They look like lots of fun, in the late afternoon sun.

Twelve people on rafts with beer.
With no rest room, that’s a lot of urine in the pond...
It acts as a nutrient that stimulates toxic algae growth.

But floating parties aren’t good for the pond
• Lots of urine in the water will stimulate algae growth (no restrooms at the park)
• Lots of litter and cans on the bottom
• Erosion from many vehicles in the parking lot
• Party people leave intoxicated, a danger to other drivers

Alcohol is prohibited in all State Parks--period. But when reading the regulations online, I was puzzled why inflatable beach toys are prohibited in the parks.
When I went swimming with my mask and snorkel the day after the party, I found out why: There were dozens of empty beer cans lying on the bottom of the pond.

This time, there wasn’t any litter left over. That’s because the Environmental Police came to the party.

Because of thoughtless behavior like this, the Round Cover entrance to Hawksnest may be closed to public vehicles. It’s the only way to protect the resource.

Protect the pond for the next generation to enjoy.

Party parking at Round Cove Rd causes erosion.

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