Friday, July 8, 2011

Illegal ATV use at Hawksnest continues

Off-road vehicle use is illegal everywhere in Harwich, including Hawksnest State Park.

Off-road at Hawksnest State Park, July 7.
On May 5, Harwich Police Chief Mason announced at a meeting on ATVs, attended by only a few citizens. He announced that Harwich Police would not use the two ATVs they possessed to patrol.  He cited lack of funds as the reason.  Selectman Larry Ballantine attended, and said he would look for funds.

Evidently funds were found--for by June, the police were patrolling trails in Harwich on a red ATV.  Residents near Hawksnest said they had seen only a few patrols, and at times of day not favored by the outlaw drivers.

Last summer, DCR officials approved closure of a portion of the trail connecting the Round Cove Rd with Walker Rd.  The trail was closed because it goes straight up and down a steep hill, making it prone to erosion.  Barriers to traffic, signs, and silt socks were installed.  A bypass trail was built.  But in early May, someone removed all the work on the closed trail, and ATV use of the trail resumed.

On July 8, an ATV made two passes in a big loop through Hawksnest State Park.  The driver was picking up young teens at Hawksnest Camp, and giving them joyrides through the park.  When confronted, the driver fled over the closed trail to Walker Rd.

Off-road at Hawksnest State Park, July 7.

The illegal activity was linked to two residences...

The driver fled to this residence on Nathan Walker Rd, with 7/002 on the electrical station.  You can see the ATV tracks turning into the drive.

Tracks of the same ATV entering/exiting Hawksnest Camp on 7/8/11.  Evidently, the rider was picking up passengers at the Camp, then taking them on rides around the trails of Hawksnest.  He made at least two whole circuits around the park.

A group of 5 or more young teenagers were visiting Hawksnest Camp on July 8.  On July 12, I found cartons for 108 cans of beer discarded in the woods, off Seth Whitfield Rd near the camp.  Neighbors to the park report that someone is regularly dumping loads like this in the area.


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