Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All-terrain vehicles--a danger for kids

Illegal ATV at Myles Standish State Forest

"In the $5 billion market for A.T.V.’s, the skyrocketing growth of Chinese imports is becoming the latest challenge for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is starting a global campaign to improve the safety of a product that kills more people — about 900 a year — than any of the 15,000 other products the commission regulates."

"On average, the commission reports, more than 100 children are killed each year in A.T.V. accidents, and 40,000 more are sent to the emergency room."

“'A.T.V.’s have been killing and maiming for years,' said Sue Rabe, who helped found Concerned Families for ATV Safety, after her 10-year-old son was killed when the A.T.V. he was driving rolled over and fell on him."  See the whole article at the New York Times, 11/23/09.

Off road vehicles are illegal at Hawksnest State Park and have caused serious damage.  Report any off-road use by dirt bikes, ATVs, or regular vehicles to ParkWatch: 866-759-2824.

At Myles Standish State Forest, the ATVs have been showing up in groups of 30 or 40.  To prevent that from happening at Hawksnest, we have to show that there's ZERO tolerance for ATVs here.

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