Thursday, August 25, 2011

Work party to prepare Hawksnest for storm--Sat. morn

Urgent work party Saturday morning.
Erosion control enhancements.
Call Lisa Thompson to coordinate

Most erosion happens during the biggest storms.  When a storm hits, enormous erosion damage can occur.  The big gully to the beach at Round Cove Rd. happened during such a storm.

The approaching hurricane could bring torrential rains. 
It's essential that diversion channels be strengthened before the storm hits.
It would also be very helpful if, during the rain, people who live near Hawksnest clean debris out of the diversion channels, so they don't stop working, and repair any berms or dams.
It would be best to park your car outside, before you get to the big puddles on Round Cove Rd.
Use caution, and don't go while trees are blowing down.  But the odds are, the winds won't be that bad--just lots of rain.

Round Cove Rd parking area.  Click to enlarge.

Places that need strengthing, or watching during the storm.

Top priority: Steep trail to pond
  • In middle of trail, create several barriers/dams, and then dig ditches above dams to divert runoff to the east side (right as you face the pond).
  • Make sure silt the sock at the top isn't overtopped. 
  • Strengthen diversion ditches above silt socks, in parking area, to divert water away from top of trail (and instead send it down the other trail to the right, facing pond).
  • Enlarge the berm near the bottom of the closed trail over the hill (see diagram).  That will reduce the amount of water flowing towards the pond via the steep trail.
  • Clean up any ashes before the rain begins.
Second priority: Bells Landing on Walker Rd.side

The importance of this spot is that a great deal of debris and nutrients wash down the road towards the pond.  The debris will add nutrients to the pond.
  • Clean up any ashes before the rain begins.
  • Strengthen the berm and ditch above it, so runoff coming down road flows away from pond.
  • During storm, clean sediment from diversion ditch, and reair berm if necessary.
Big gully to beach at Round Cove Rd
  • At top of gully, make sure ditch above silt sock is clear, so runoff flows away from pond
  • Place 5 deltalok bags (J. Wittmann has) in middle of gulley temporarily, to slow water.
  • Is it possible to place a tarp, boards, or other protection over the eroding bank and roots, so the remainingsoil isn't washed away by the rain??
Lowest point in Round Cove Rd as it approaches parking
  • Strengthen berm on pond side
  • Clean out and deepen drainage ditch away from pond at lowest point, at parking lower spot.
  • Check/clean drainage during storm.
  • There are some other diversion ditches closer to the upper parking.  Clean these out also.
Closed trail over hill
  • There are several silt socks along this trail.  Clean out/deepen the drainage ditches just above these silt socks (especially at the one silt sock on the far side of the hill).
Right-hand trail (facing pond) to beach from upper parking, Round Cove Rd
  • The silt socks here aren't stopping the water.  If you are there during the storm, perhaps you can figure out a way to divert some of the water to the side.  This is lowest priority, because I can't think of an easy solution.  It's probably best deal with this by preventing the water from starting down this route.

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  1. thanks for all the friends of this beautiful wife and i discovered the spruce road entrance to nathaniel...and were able to swim and hang out today for an hour...what an amazing spot...we wont tell a soul...we used google to find a state forest close to our harwichport rental, and we just followed our instincts and discovered this gem...if we lived near here, we would surely volunteer to keep it pristine...thanks again...mj